Cocido Completo

Fall / Winter 2019

For Radio Relativa

This show was proposed as an extension of the program broadcasted by Relativa during Sonidos Binarios in La Casa Encendida, in which I made a guest appearance.

The underlying spirit of this project is connected to the history of cocido and its establishment as a characteristic dish of Madrid, despite having several origins and influences — many cultures have shaped this dish.

The show features guests linked to Madrid’s cultural scene, complementing musical content with interviews to artists, curators and djs/producers.

Laboratorio de paisaje.
With Ángela Tisner, Mateo Revillo, D.Faux

The three guests are linked through their involvement in landscape laboratories, specifically the project Éxodo, untitled. Ángela opens with a session of music from rural diasporas, starting with North American blues and ending with Ethiopan jazz. I then speak with Mateo Revillo about the collective oeuvre “Éxodo” and his work as a visual artist and painter. My final guest is Christian Osuna, D.Faux, who contributes with a guest mix and to chat about his music commissions and collaborations.

Tesoro escondido.
With Diego López Bueno, Carlos Rubio

The origins of the Spanish stew are uncertain, but most sources agree that it probably was created by Jews during the Middle Ages as an evolution of the Sephardic dish adafina. In arabic, adafina roughly translates to hidden treasure.

In this edition, my two guests are diggers. They’re connected by their curiosity to seek out material that’s barely been viewed or touched; and by their way of splicing content together, creating unexpected contrasts and transitions.

Diego Lopez Bueno is a video artist, as well as a VJ under the name Tirador Studio. He works with found footage, appropriating material from unseen YouTube archives, and building an anthropological archive by way of presenting them in enticing collections of mundane content.

Carlos Rubio is a tireless vinyl junkie who mixes selections based on the rhythmic and thematic contradictions they create, yet the conceptual frictions are no dissuasion from dancing.

Tres Vuelcos.
With Jacobo García (Clap Kent)
Also featuring Sonidos del Espacio, Susan Drone, María Salgado & Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca 

A traditional way of consuming Spanish cocido is in three servings of different ingredients. These servings are referred to as vuelcos; because the pot had to be tipped over three times to pour the contents.

This sonic stew is a journey in three servings exploring experimental music and sound art.
Primer vuelco: Jacobo García (Clap Kent) talks us through a selection of sound experimentation in ambient and new age music.
Segundo vuelco: I share experimental music by Sonidos del Espacio and sound work by the artist Susan Drone, who co-manages SONM —archive of experimental music and sound art.
Tercer vuelco: Sound art in which the main ingredient is the spoken word, with pieces by Alvin Lucier and Maria Salgado with Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca.

Oído infinito.
With Giulia Tognon, Lendl Barcelos / dj |end|

This fourth edition of Cocido Completo spotlights Infinite Ear, an exhibition curated by Council at Madrid’s CentroCentro. I’m joined by Giulia Tognon, from Council, and Lendl Barcelos, participating artist. The exhibition explores how artistic practices can contribute to new understandings of listening and makes us aware that we each perceive the world in a partial way.

Council was founded in Paris in 2013 by Grégory Castéra and Sandra Terdjman, later joined by Giulia. The arts organisation is dedicated to bringing together a variety of audiences and collaborators around each of its social inquiries, building trans-local networks of creative and civically minded communities in the process.

Lendl, also a writer and dj, contributed a closing mix.
To take the broadcast beyond the aural dimension, the mix is presented on a par with a piece of sonic fiction - not in any way descriptive of the music selection, but to complement it with something that occupies the same world:

Life, End of
By |end|
Track list
Sonic fiction

Thanks also to the mediators Romina Grisel Giménez, Clara Moreno and Agapito Olivera Márquez for receiving me and guiding me through the exhibition. And to Christian Osuna for his help mixing this program. 

With Luis Alvarado, Aristidez

The fifth and final edition of Cocido Completo; this time exploring the Lima-Madrid link with Aristidez, alias of Daniel Holguin who is also 1/2 of Casalocasa; and projects such as the independent label Buh Records, run by Luis Alvarado.

The first hour of the program is dedicated to artists and sound experimenters featured on Buh. Luis introduces and discusses artists such as Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Sajjra, Paola Torres, Salon Dada, Teté Leguía and Martin Escalante.
In the second hour I interview Daniel and he shares with us a mix including many of his own productions.