Ibid. (In The Same Place)

2016 / New York

Documented in this series of works are image samples from textures, written words and paintings by artists who created work in a shared environment.

This collective fabric of individual practices was a way to manifest the mutual exchange that takes place between bodies that touch or come close — a process by which an unbounded flow of particles between bodies in neighboring zones begin to merge into one another (Gerald Raunig; A Thousand Machines, 2008).

To unpack the object fetiche in art, Jane Bennet draws strong parallels with hoarders’ relationship to their belongings. She claims that thing power works by exploiting an innate porosity in us, and that “it is in the nature of bodies to be susceptible to infusion, invasion, collaboration by or with other bodies. [...] Any exterior contour or boundary of entityhood is always subject to change, due to us being essentially intercorporeal” (Vibrant Matter, 2009).

Each bares the imprint of the other.

The artist statement.

Shireen Ahmed;
Ivana Bašić;
Lydon MacGregor;
Vlad Markov
Mariel Montes;

Jake Goelman;
Jasmin Risk;
Zacry Spears;
Ali Spencer; 
David White.

These works were part of Idiosync, a group show in Lima, Peru.