Veo Veo

These sound works were created for Madrid-based Radio Relativa’s Spring/Summer 2020 Season.

The show Veo Veo experiments with the visual qualities of sound to evoke image, texture, movement, place. Each episode is an observational soundscape that was broadcasted during peak quarantine (Ep. 1) and freshly out of confinement (Ep. 2). Through an intuitive structure, Veo Veo experiments with the cinematographic potential of sound without visual aid by allowing field recordings to play out between music selections and original compositions by guest DJs and producers.

Hosted by Lebora Devy on Radio Relativa.

Episode 2 / 11.06.2020
With A. M. de Miguel

This broadcast documents a city coming out of confinement and gradually making noise again.
The mix was put together by De Miguel. His song choice was inspired by the featured contexts and the diversity of Madrid’s citizens resuming their lives. The recordings are made mostly from the street, from balconies or windows, or from inside a car. De Miguel plays up the distant atmosphere with muffled sounds seeping through walls. Sounds become louder at street-level as I drift through the city and with Miguel’s mixing, a cinematic sense of constant movement builds.

Episode 1 / 15.04.2020
With Banda Base

This first edition is composed of recordings from a pre-pandemic world. Some sounds are sourced from intimate city spaces, inhabited by noisy crowds. Others are lived in quiet solitude, surrounded by plant or animal frequencies. 
Banda Base (Juan Vacas, guitar; Pablo Mirón, MPC; Alex Martinez and Pablo Losa, synthesizers) sets this programme to music - the field recordings arise and fade among their original productions. 

Radio Relativa is an independent and experimental community radio station that serves as a platform to promote different cultural and musical initiatives related to the city of Madrid and beyond.